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Memories (manufactured)

I was born on a steamer in international waters to Jesuit missionary parents on their way to Burma to save lives. Or, I was born in Totowa, NJ a painfully realistic 1960s suburban development where every home was the same, the only variation being orientation; carport left or right. We owned one horribly faded sickly pink Picasso reproduction that we got for free for opening a checking account, which hung on a too-big wall in our living room. I began drawing before I was born and only stopped when I thought I'd grown up. Mistake.

Artist's Statement
We see the world through senses honed by experience where the present is perpetually ambushed. Memory intrudes at times to the point of hallucination, fear distorts, desire distracts, and so on. Life mimics artifice.


Bennington College, BA Fine Art 1985
School of Visual Arts, 1981-1982

Origines Mécaniques | Inner Magazine

"Michael Lavorgna’s images tell you more about your relationship to mechanics and technology than you actually knew."